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Seamless Video Appointments with Cubu:

Meet Cubu, the simple way for your Credit Union members to schedule and have video or in-branch chats with their reps. With just a few clicks, members can set up a meeting and then easily join the video call when it's time.

Check out our demos to see how Cubu makes scheduling and video chatting a breeze for both your members and reps:

Booking an appointment on Cubu members' portal

Providing video service
on Cubu reps’ screen

  • Easily schedule video or in-person appointments

  • Send automatic reminders for all scheduled meetings.

  • Provide simple, secure video chat links.

  • Keep reps' calendars organized effortlessly.

  • Tailor Cubu to your Credit Union's needs.

Kickstart your Cubu journey now.


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About cubu

Customer & Business Connect

Q-nomy is a leading software firm dedicated to optimizing customer journeys with innovative solutions like Cubu. Our tools streamline scheduling, queue management, and customer interactions, simplifying daily operations for businesses globally.

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