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Cubu's May Release: Enhancing Experience and Strengthening Security

Hey there, Cubu users! We're eager to share the news about the updates we've deployed in our latest May release. We've worked diligently to boost your security and enhance the overall user experience.

One of the major updates involves our integration with Zoom. We've amped up security by switching to a more secure authentication method for Zoom video meetings. We understand that not everyone is a tech guru, so rest assured, we've handled the tech jargon and backend changes. All you need to do is update your settings in the “Admin tools > Online meetings” admin page. For more information, we've got guides and FAQs ready for you.

We've also dedicated some serious attention to our portal. Enhancements in performance and responsiveness, along with support for back/forward navigation, make the user journey even more seamless. We've also simplified the workflow when using phone numbers from a customer’s record. Plus, we've ensured that any mandatory service category fields will need to be filled out during the portal's flow, making record keeping more efficient.

Finally, we've added a new tool to our arsenal: the "automation editor". Part of the Manager Tools suite, this new addition is all about making it easier for you to create and edit workflow automations, with dialog boxes providing guidance on setting up conditions and actions.


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