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Our Success Story with Dr. Tamer's Small Clinic

As the Cubu team, we had the pleasure of assisting Dr. Tamer in finding an appointment management solution for his private clinic. With his prior experience using Q-nomy's enterprise software at a large hospital, he sought a similar solution to enable efficient appointment management and provide a seamless patient experience, while keeping his clinic's budget limitations in mind.

We introduced Dr. Tamer to Cubu, our new SaaS solution tailored for smaller clinics. This all-in-one, cloud-based software included features like a check-in kiosk, digital signage, and an appointment booking portal that he integrated into his clinic's website. We also offered a virtual ticket system with Cubu, which saved the clinic paper costs and facilitated an efficient and comprehensive customer journey management solution.

Within just two days of our initial conversation with Dr. Tamer, we were able to get his clinic up and running with Cubu. The cloud-based, SaaS nature of our software made the implementation process simple, and its straightforward architecture allowed Dr. Tamer's clinic to access features previously reserved for larger organizations with bigger budgets.

Our collaboration with Dr. Tamer's clinic demonstrates the value of Cubu for small clinics, simplifying appointment management and enhancing the patient experience. Its user-friendly design, quick implementation, and cost-effectiveness make Cubu an ideal solution for small clinics looking to improve their daily operations.


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