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Cubu Workflow Automation

Streamlining the flow between customer & business

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Why choose Cubu workflow automation

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Simple and Smart

Codeless automation of service processes

Configure complex customer care flow with ease

Dynamic customer flow.webp

Dynamic Customer Flow

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Handling both customer-facing and back-office workflow

Cubu workflow automation provides:

  • Configure customer service workflow using simple, structured if-then rules

  • Consistent format for configuring both customer routing and back-office task processing

  • Supporting multi-step processes such as medical treatment, or taking a customer application through a number of approval stages

  • Supporting conditional workflow, based on customer and case information

  • Integration with Cubu interaction management, to keep customers informed during processing of their application or case

  • Integration with Cubu queue management, to ensure front- and back-office workflow is synchronized


And, Cubu has many more features and options, making it one of the most advanced solutions on the market. To find out more:

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