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customer & business connect

Streamline the customer-centric workflow and communications 

Why choose cubu


True Omnichannel

 Physical and digital

interaction management


Simple and Smart

Codeless automation of business processes


All-in-one Scheduling, real-time customer flow, and more

What cubu provides

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Appointment Scheduling

Let your customers book their service appointments, whether in-person or over video or other digital channels. Setup agent calendar availability, manage different appointment types, and more.

Customer Flow Management

Manage the customer flow for both scheduled and unscheduled visits. Streamline the queuing and routing process, optimize agent load-balancing, monitor performance on a live dashboard, and more.

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Customer Interaction Management

Connect to your customers via digital signage, e-tickets, text messages and other digital communication channels.

Workflow Automation

Use simple "If-Then" rules to automate the customer journey and related tasks. Effortlessly adapt service processes to changing business needs.

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How much?

cubu is (still) free! 

That's right. We're now running cubu as a free beta program, which means you could join, enjoy cubu for free including any upcoming upgrades and improvements, and keep benefiting from special terms and conditions even after cubu becomes fully commercial. 


About us


cubu is a new product, by one of the most experienced
teams in the field 

Q-nomy, the team behind cubu, has pioneered omnichannel customer journey management. Since 2002, Q-nomy has offered a unique software package integrating appointment scheduling, customer flow management, business process management, and customer interactions management, orchestrated to deliver that optimal customer experience. Q-nomy has over 1,000 installations on five continents in healthcare, retail, telecom, finance, education, and government organizations.


cubu is delivering a simpler, more agile, 100% SaaS offering – packing the power and innovation of

Q-nomy, and the experience accumulated in countless projects deployed around the world.

cubu manages the service process from start to finish, as its rule engine routes the customer and directs communications. cubu gathers and sorts cases from multiple channels for agents to handle using an intuitive UI. The result is better customer experience and greater efficiency.

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