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Cubu Customer Interaction Management

Customer & business connect on every channel

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Why choose Cubu interaction management

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True Omnichannel

Manage interactions and synchronize messages on all channels

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Simple and Smart

Codeless automation of contextual event-based messaging

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Handling appointment, queue, and other service messages

Cubu interaction management provides:

  • Digital signage for queue and appointment information, also supporting inclusion of video, advertising, and other dynamic content

  • Interaction via e-tickets, allowing customers to follow the queue progress and inform agents of their readiness or abandoning the line

  • Interaction at the kiosk, supporting on-screen and printed dynamic messages to incoming customers

  • Managing text messages to convey appointment information, reminders, welcome messages and queue / waiting-time messages.

  • Sending E-mails with appointment information, reminders, and other important content for customers

  • Integration with Cubu appointment scheduling and digital signage


And, Cubu has many more features and options, making it one of the most advanced solutions on the market. To find out more:

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