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Cubu's December Release: Expanding Connectivity and Functionality

Expanding Connectivity and Functionality

We are excited to announce Cubu’s December release, packed with new features that significantly enhance its integration capabilities and overall functionality.

Office 365 and Google Workspace Calendar Integration: Cubu now supports seamless integration with both Office 365 and Google Workspace calendars. This means that when appointments are created in Cubu calendars allocated to users, they will also appear in the users' Office or Google calendars. This integration ensures that users can manage all their appointments in one place, reducing the chances of scheduling conflicts.

Additionally, when a Cubu calendar is linked to an external calendar, it will now indicate times occupied by non-Cubu events. This feature offers a more comprehensive view of availability, facilitating better planning and time management.

Google Meet for Video Meetings: Cubu further enhances its video meeting capabilities by integrating with Google Meet. When this feature is enabled and the integration between Google Calendars and Google Meet is configured, a Google Meet conference is automatically created and linked to respective Google Calendar events. This integration allows agents and customers to join the conference directly from the Agent Console and Ticket, streamlining the process of setting up and joining online meetings.

Note that Google Meet integration is designed for scheduled appointments and does not support walk-in meetings.

New Integrations Administration Tool: The release introduces a new “Integration” tool, replacing the Online Meetings tool. This tool allows organization administrators to configure external calendars and video meeting providers. Administrators can tailor the integration by configuring the Subject and Description fields of the events and including various appointment details.

Copying Units Across the Organization: Users now have the ability to copy an organizational unit to any location within their organization. This includes all resources associated with the unit, such as inboxes, services, workstations, kiosks, portals, etc. If an entire subtree of units is chosen, the entire hierarchy is duplicated, simplifying the process of scaling and replicating successful configurations.

Enhancements to Virtual Tickets: The “Join Online Meeting” button is now available on virtual tickets for cases that are Waiting and Pending, provided an online meeting link is available. This addition improves accessibility for users, allowing them to easily join scheduled online meetings.

Default Public Texts for Multiple English Variants: To cater to a diverse user base, new Public App Profiles for Portals, Kiosks, and Tickets will now have default texts for multiple English variants – including United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom – as well as Hebrew Israel. It is important to configure the desired language as a “Public text language” in the organization settings before creating the profile.


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