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Cubu's October 2023 Release: A Seamless Onboarding Experience

At Cubu, we’re always striving to improve the experience for our users, and with the October 2023 release, we've achieved yet another significant milestone.

An Intuitive Start with Redefined Onboarding:

First impressions last, and we’ve made sure that Cubu’s is nothing short of impressive. Our redesigned onboarding process is more than just an introduction; it's a clear path to success. Tailored templates for various industries greet new users, offering a guided setup process. The result? A fully functional system, adapted to your specific needs, all set up in just minutes.

Independence and Efficiency:

Gone are the days when setting up a new system meant sifting through countless guides or waiting on hold for assistance. With our enhanced onboarding experience, users can independently set up their Cubu account with utmost ease. Every step is designed to be intuitive, eliminating the need for external help. However, should you wish to reach out, the Cubu support team is always available to assist, ensuring you never feel lost.

We are proud of this release and believe that it embodies our commitment to making Cubu user-friendly and efficient. Dive in and experience the simplicity for yourself!


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