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Cubu's June Update: Streamlined Queue Management and Appointment Booking

In our June update, Cubu continues to refine its offering for queue management and appointment booking. We've introduced several enhancements aimed at simplifying the user experience and providing greater flexibility in customer interactions.

We've added Portal Flow II, a feature that allows customers to search for available time slots across multiple units. This update streamlines the appointment booking process, offering an efficient way to find the earliest availability. New settings pages have been included for administrators to customize the portal's flow and units involved in the search.

To improve our global accessibility, we've enabled the translation of Text field options and Boolean fields. This localization support enhances the experience for international customers when managing queues and booking appointments.

These updates underscore Cubu's commitment to enhancing its queue management and appointment booking capabilities, always aiming for simplicity and flexibility. We're available to assist with any questions regarding these new features. Enjoy the improvements!


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