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Cubu's September Update: Unlocking Efficiency and Customization

In our latest update for September 2023, Cubu introduces a series of improvements and additions designed to elevate the user experience and offer businesses even more flexibility.

A noteworthy enhancement revolves around how SMS balances are managed. Cubu has transitioned from a message-based count to a segment-based count, providing users with a more accurate representation of their SMS usage. With this change, each sent message will now reflect the exact number of segments dispatched through the SMS gateway, ensuring businesses get the most out of their messaging resources.

New users can also look forward to a more streamlined onboarding process. We've simplified initial setups by eliminating the need for email verification. This change means users can dive right in and start using Cubu more quickly. However, for those aiming to unlock the full spectrum of Cubu features, such as inviting other users or purchasing subscriptions, we advise verifying your email post-registration.

Cubu's kiosk system now offers enhanced integration capabilities. As customers provide their ID at one of our kiosks, the system is adept at interfacing with external data sources courtesy of our evolved API. This advancement ensures businesses can customize appointment scheduling effortlessly, fostering a unique and efficient experience for their clients. Such an addition further showcases Cubu's dedication to versatile and adaptable solutions for diverse business requirements.

The Agent Console hasn't been left out. We've incorporated visual improvements to the case tab, ensuring agents have a more intuitive and user-friendly interface to work with.

Last but not least, our Server to Server (S2S) API continues to receive enrichments. The "Create Customer" endpoint now offers upsert functionality, ensuring that existing customer records are updated if a match is detected. Moreover, additional query parameters have been introduced to both the "Book Appointment" and "List Appointments In Calendar" endpoints. These parameters pave the way for more specific and refined data retrieval options.


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