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Enhancing Small Clinic Operations with Cubu

We're proud to introduce Cubu, our friendly cloud-based software designed to help small and medium-sized clinics streamline patient flow, appointments, and communication. With Cubu, clinics can easily manage in-person and digital appointments, set doctor availability, and organize various appointment types. It also helps maintain connections with patients through digital signage, e-tickets, text messages, and other channels.

As a hassle-free and quick-to-implement solution, Cubu is a cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) offering that requires no server or software maintenance. We've designed it with simple "If-Then" rules to automate patient-related tasks, making it easy for clinics to adapt to changing needs. Cubu manages the entire patient visit, guiding patients and directing communications. Our software enhances both patient experience and clinic efficiency by gathering and organizing cases from multiple channels, allowing doctors to handle them with an intuitive interface.

We believe Cubu is a valuable tool for small clinics looking to simplify operations and improve patient experience. Its user-friendly design, quick implementation, and cost-effectiveness make Cubu a worthwhile addition to your clinic's daily operations. We invite you to try Cubu and see the difference it can make in your small clinic!

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